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New website for Cayuga County, 19 towns, villages taking shape

An update of the website for the Cayuga County government and 19 participating towns and villages is moving forward, with an initial design presented to county staff last week, according to a memo from the county administrator.

Cayuga County

Approved by the Cayuga County Legislature last summer, the new website will update the county’s aging online presence, offering both enhanced features for users and enhanced functionality and security for the county and its departments.

In a memo to legislators, Cayuga County Administrator J. Justin Woods said county staff would be the first to see the production version of the site, which is still being worked on, with training to start this week.

Besides the county itself, the vendor developing the website built a “municipality page” format to allow the 19 towns and villages that currently have their websites serviced through the county’s site to provide uniformity with the main site but also allow enough flexibility to customize their individual sites, according to the memo.

Woods’ memo also notes that the county used the update as an opportunity to draft service agreements between the county and municipalities to specify services, terms and responsibilities.

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