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Broadband access remains a major issue in rural parts of FLX

The Savino family sold their Penfield home in 2016 with the dream of a rural Finger Lakes residence on the horizon. But one stipulation has hindered their property search to such a degree that they’ve been stuck in a Canandaigua rental home for the past two years.

That would be high-speed internet.

“We’re pretty easy to please, but the internet is a must-have, and unfortunately, it’s killing us,” said Kim Savino, whose husband needs a strong internet connection for his full-time remote job. Savino also uses video and internet teaching tools to homeschool her 11-year-old twins.

The family scoured the region for a 5-acre property where they could simultaneously raise chickens and bees and access the internet easily — but to no avail. They checked with neighbors and internet service providers each time a property seemed promising, only to be disappointed by the available connection options.

“Two years ago, we thought this would be fun,” said Savino. “We’re looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.”

The Savinos are one of many families who have been affected by the lack of reliable internet connection in rural pockets of the Finger Lakes region. Those living and working in these areas often struggle with fragile connections, outdated equipment or slow speeds, making it increasingly difficult for some families to conduct work or homework activities at home.

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