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Do speeding ticket quotas exist? Police battle misconceptions around speed traps

Troopers cracking down on speeding vehicles during ‘Speed Week’
Law enforcement agencies across the United States are facing a constant battle against misconceptions surrounding speeding ticket quotas, with many states taking measures to discourage this practice. Misunderstandings often lead people to believe that speed ... more

Southwest CEO apologizes for nightmare situation in December

Auto Draft
Southwest Airlines has been under fire after a December storm resulted in a meltdown of the company's operations, leading to the cancelation of nearly 17,000 flights and stranding over 2 million passengers. On Thursday, the ... more

CVS spends $10.6 billion to enter primary care market

CVS spends $10.6 billion to enter primary care market
Health care companies are investing heavily in primary care clinics as a way to reduce costs and improve patient health. CVS Health has announced it will spend $10.6 billion to purchase Oak Street Health, a ... more

CASH OR CARD: Are credit card fees at stores or businesses legal?

Visa and Mastercard customers to pay $700 due to higher fees
What's the deal with credit card fees at local businesses? Are they legal? That question was recently posed to News10NBC, and they found that businesses are legally permitted to impose fees for using a credit ... more
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