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Google Cloud down, crashing Snapchat, Discord, Spotify, Etsy

A networking issue with Google resulted in numerous 404 errors on various webpages yesterday. Tens of thousands of people were impacted Tuesday night when they posted on Twitter about Snapchat and Spotify being down. Fitbit users saw the same issues, as did ... MORE
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Are social media platforms like YouTube or Snapchat safe for kids? Senators want to know

Senators are asking executives with YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat about their companies and how exactly their platforms are safe for kids. This line of questioning comes on the heels of the Facebook whistleblower who shows Facebook and Instagram’s practices are harmful to ... MORE
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Why is Snapchat down? Company says users locked out, unable to login due to outage

Snapchat is down. The social media platform which allows users to share images, video, and audio went down — prompting users with an error message as they tried to login on Wednesday. The company said they were looking into the problem — ... MORE
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