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‘Flurona’ is misleading- here’s what it really means

You can become infected with COVID-19 and the flu at the same time- but ‘flurona’ is not real. Scientists urge people to stop using ‘flurona’ as a term to describe it as its own virus. It is not. COVID-19 vaccine has no ... MORE
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Flu season is back and experts fear a twindemic; don’t wait to get the flu vaccine

Officials are urging people to get their flu shot more this year compared to years prior, especially to avoid the possibility of a twindemic. A twindemic would happen when the flu and COVID-19 both become a major issue at the same time ... MORE
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Can the flu shot protect people from COVID-19? It seems to help with symptoms

A new study discovered that some people who contracted COVID after getting their flu vaccination experienced less severe symptoms from the virus. 37,000 people were studied that got their flu shot two weeks to six months before coming down with COVID-19. Evidence ... MORE
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Pfizer, BioNTech testing mRNA flu vaccine using COVID-19 as guide

Flu season is approaching in the U.S. and that has health officials across the board worried. Not only because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Delta and Mu variants, and possibility of having a twin-demic, but that five million people around the world ... MORE