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The Final Round #095: Jeff Jackson (PODCAST)

THE FINAL ROUND #095: Jeff Jackson (podcast)

The always agreeable Jeff Jackson joins Chris Marquart and Jason Oldfield for episode 95 of The Final Round Drag Racing podcast on FingerLakes1.com.  ... MORE
THE FINAL ROUND #094: Pete Sanca (podcast)

THE FINAL ROUND #094: Pete Sanca (podcast)

Bracket Racer and Racers News Network Podcast host Pete Sanca joins us as we return to the air for episode No. 94.  ... MORE
The Final Round #089: Joe Masullo (PODCAST)

THE FINAL ROUND #089: Joe Masullo w/ Chris Marquart & Jason Oldfield (podcast)

Joe Masullo joins us for this episode. Masullo recently sold his dragster and bought a roadster Corvette. He will be a 2021 Super Rod competitor, moving out of the WNY Quick 16 ranks.  ... MORE
FINAL ROUND #87: Kelli Barbato

FINAL ROUND #87: Wheelz Up with Kelli Barbato (podcast)

Division 1 S/ST Competitor and former host of Wheelz Up Radio joins us on episode #87 of the Final Round Podcast on FingerLakes1.com.  ... MORE