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Crash Course #371: McCullough, Roman, Pagel (PODCAST)

CRASH COURSE #371: T.J. McCullough, Cory Roman & Jason Pagel (podcast)

Chris Marquart and Brian Tomkins catch up with T.J. McCullough, fresh off his win at the Iron City Nationals. The win pulled down $10,000 and a Championship belt. Cory Roman won the Big Wayne Kicker Class at the Iron City Nationals, his ... MORE
Crash Course #362: Cory Roman, Recaps (PODCAST)

CRASH COURSE #362: Cory Roman and derby recaps (podcast)

Cory Roman joins us to talk about his win at the King of Ohio, and we take a lap around the country to catch up on all sorts of derby happenings. Hard Core crowned the mini van king, and Steven Sickles went ... MORE
CRASH COURSE #338: Tyler Smay and Cory Roman (podcast)

CRASH COURSE #338: Tyler Smay and Cory Roman (podcast)

Tyler Smay and Cory Roman have been brought up quite a bit in the last two months. Chris Marquart catches up with both of them on Monday night.  ... MORE