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What Skins Can You Get Through Drops in CS2?

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Counter-Strike 2 has a feature called item drops, as a result of which players receive skins and other items useful in the game. This is a certain bonus that the player receives as a result of a completed mission or activity. In this article from Volodymyr Huda, you will learn about the features of skins drops in the game, as well as the best cases to open in 2024. You can learn even more about the settings in the game and also use Steam account lookup on the Profiler website.

Dropping Skins in CS2: How it Works

According to statistics, CS2 players open more than 25,000,000 cases within a month. Weekly drops of items in the game are available only to Prime account holders. You can get the case if you have at least 5000 experience points. When the rank scale is full, the player will have 4 cells, each of which has different drops. They may contain skins, graffiti, or cases. Judging by player reviews, there is 1 case, 2 guns, and 1 graffiti to choose from. You can get any 2 items that appear in the main menu immediately after finishing the match.

A Rarity of Skins That Drop in the Game

Skins in CS2 are cosmetic items that affect the appearance of a weapon but do not affect its capabilities and characteristics.

Skins of Consumer quality often drop out, and this is understandable since they are the cheapest and have the lowest quality. Their appearance is far from perfect. Skins with this quality do not have pleasant visual effects or any interesting features. Despite this, it can be used in contracts to obtain better weapons. Just like any other skin, skins with Consumer grade can be sold on trading platforms or transferred to other players.

Players often receive Industrial quality skins. They are also inexpensive, like Consumer skins, but they look a little better (although very far from ideal).

Mil-Spec rarity skins can be easily obtained from cases (70% chance). They are distinguished by not too bright colors and are similar to these. The details of the skin are difficult to see from a distance: this can only be done by holding the skin in your hands. Typically, Mil-Spec level skins are marked with a dynamic pattern and a pattern that is the same over the entire area of the body.

Lucky players will receive skins of Classified quality: the chance of getting them through drops is quite small. Their price is higher than all the categories described above. Such objects have a distinct pattern and bright colors that are clearly visible even from a distance. Skins of Classified quality are obtained mainly on websites or trading platforms.

Other Ways to Get Skins Besides Drops

Are you not getting skins of the quality you need? There are other ways to get them.

  • Exchange via Steam. If you have some skins at your disposal, you can try exchanging them on the platform. Often players hunt for certain weapon skins for contracts. So, you can exchange several dozen cheap skins for one of average value.
  • Exchange contracts. This is a basic tool available to all players. It allows players to exchange several dozen ordinary inexpensive skins for one, but rarer one. Please note that you cannot add knives, souvenir weapons, or skins with the “Covert” and “Contraband” rarities to the exchange contract.
  • Purchasing on trading platforms. If you don’t get the skins that you’ve been wanting to add to your collection, buy them on online trading platforms.

The Best Cases to Open in СS2 in 2024

The benefit of opening cases is that you can get rare items. For example, you may receive skins of rare quality, knives, and gloves. Cases are regularly added to the game. You can not only purchase an interesting item but also then sell it and make a profit.

Based on the opinions of players, the best cases to open include the following:

Broken Fang

This case is notable for its elegant gloves that replace the regular knife as a special rare item. The cost of such a case is between $3-4, that is, quite affordable for every player. The Broken Fang operation case contains several skins of different rarities. The most expensive skin in this case is M4A1-S | Printstream.

Danger zone

A popular case among players, which contains a large number of rare knives (52 pieces). It is widely represented on sites, and the price is affordable for everyone and varies from $0.50 to $0.90. The skins you can take from this case can be sold at a profit on the site or used for your own benefit. The most expensive skin in this case is AK-47 | Asiimov.

Winter Offensive

This is a weapon case that drops skins created by the community. It features the most popular skin designs from the Steam Community Workshop. It is dominated by white design elements, which gives them a particularly aesthetic appearance. The most expensive skins in this case are Sawed-Off | The Kraken and M4A4 | Asiimov.


This is the cheapest glove case in CS2 in 2024. It can also be picked up as a weekly drop. The price is very reasonable and is approximately 40 cents. Rare drop from the Snakebite case – gloves. Their average cost is $300, so in the future, they can be sold profitably on the site. The most expensive weapon skin in the case is USP-S | The Traitor, which is used by the legendary Ukrainian player Oleksandr “⁠s1mple” Kostyliev, who played for Navi for a long time.

Wrapping It Up

In February 2024, the average number of players reached 786,630.8. The popularity of drops among them in CS2 is growing, as is the interest in cases. Players regularly open cases in hopes of getting rare items or buying desired skins on the Steam market. You can learn more about player inventory and settings in CS2 on the Profiler website. It is available to players from different parts of the world, including New York (USA), Warsaw, and Milan.

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