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Cornell Lab launches birdsong learning tools and resources for spring

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Cornell Lab of Ornithology has released a new set of tools aimed at helping bird enthusiasts and novices alike learn to recognize and understand bird songs. As spring migration peaks, the Lab’s latest eNews update highlighted the importance of auditory identification skills in birdwatching. The Merlin Bird ID app, a cornerstone of their educational offerings, now features enhanced capabilities for users to hear and visualize bird calls actively surrounding them.

During a recent virtual tour through northeastern woodlands, Cornell Lab experts shared insights on locating and identifying warblers—a key attraction this migration season. Their discussions covered both auditory and visual identification techniques, emphasizing the unique sounds and sightings that birdwatchers can expect during this vibrant time.

Furthermore, the Lab has introduced an interactive game designed to teach users how to use spectrograms to “see” bird songs visually, simplifying the process of distinguishing these complex calls. Alongside bird song resources, the eNews update included reminders for upcoming bird festivals and other community-engaging activities, reinforcing the Lab’s commitment to bird conservation and education.