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Five Star Bank sues owner of Crescent Beach, other developments

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Katherine Mott, the owner of Crescent Beach restaurant among other businesses, is accused by Five Star Bank of orchestrating a check kiting scheme leading to a fraud of $18.9 million. According to the bank’s financial investigator, Mott opened 30 accounts within months, leveraging the banking system’s check processing delays to create the illusion of funds.

This sophisticated financial maneuver is now central to a legal battle, with the bank seeking an independent receiver to manage Mott’s assets, arguing this step is crucial to prevent asset dispersion or concealment.

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The dispute highlights the complexities of banking fraud, with Five Star Bank emphasizing the need for stringent oversight of Mott’s business operations to safeguard against further financial irregularities. Despite objections from Mott’s legal representation, who contests the necessity and legal basis for a receivership, the bank asserts it has presented a compelling case.

This legal contention unfolds against Mott’s ambitious business ventures, including plans to revamp Crescent Beach and develop a significant wedding venue, projects now overshadowed by the looming court proceedings.