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How will airports handle total solar eclipse?

The Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport is gearing up for the solar eclipse on April 8, with extensive preparations underway despite expecting a routine number of flights. Airport Director Andy Moore detailed the anticipation of 42 departures and arrivals, which mirrors a typical Monday schedule. However, the eclipse, especially during its totality at 3:20 p.m., will see the airport implement special measures such as manually activating lights to ensure safety and visibility when daylight dims.

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Amid the eclipse, which occurs during one of the busiest travel weeks due to spring break, the airport staff, including air traffic controllers and emergency services, are on high alert. Moore highlighted efforts to keep runway and taxiway lights operational, underscoring the unique challenge of maintaining airport functions smoothly during the brief darkness.

For travelers and eclipse enthusiasts, Moore recommends arriving early to experience the celestial event from vantage points like the airport’s parking garage. While it remains uncertain if the eclipse has boosted incoming flights, the airport’s readiness aims to provide a memorable and safe experience for all present during this astronomical phenomenon.

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