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Hornell City Council approves budget with tax decrease for 2024-25

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The City of Hornell has officially approved its 2024-2025 budgets, featuring a slight property tax decrease, marking a shift from the previous year’s tax increase. In a move celebrated by city officials and residents alike, the Common Council’s unanimous decision came after a special meeting and public hearings on the general and water fund budgets. This tax reduction underscores Hornell’s commitment to maintaining its status as one of New York’s most affordable communities, despite the backdrop of extensive downtown revitalization efforts.

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Mayor John Buckley lauded the achievement of a tax decrease during what he termed “the Year of Construction,” highlighting the city’s ability to manage financial responsibilities associated with grant-funded projects without burdening taxpayers. This fiscal prudence comes amid significant infrastructural developments across the city, reflecting a strategic approach to urban improvement and financial management.

Despite facing challenges such as inflation and rising material costs, particularly in the water treatment sector, Hornell’s overall revenue saw a 1.58% increase, driven by sales tax revenue and pilot payments. Finance Committee Chairman Robert Colucci noted a 3% rise in appropriations for the fiscal year, attributing it partly to economic conditions. Yet, the city’s strategic financial planning and increased revenues have enabled it to continue investing in critical infrastructure while easing the tax load on its residents.