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“Happy Gilmore 2” in development, Christopher McDonald hints

Christopher McDonald, the Romulus native famous for his role as Shooter McGavin in the original “Happy Gilmore,” hinted at a sequel to the beloved 1996 sports comedy. In a recent interview with “Audacy’s 92.3 The Fan,” McDonald shared that Adam Sandler showed him a first draft of the script for “Happy Gilmore 2,” indicating the project is underway. The announcement has sparked excitement among fans eager for the return of the iconic rivalry.

McDonald’s reveal suggests that “Happy Gilmore 2” is more than just a rumor, with the actor expressing his enthusiasm for the script presented by Sandler. The original film, which starred Sandler as a hot-headed hockey player turned golfer, remains a favorite for its unique blend of sports and comedy. The news of a sequel has prompted Variety to reach out to Sandler’s representatives for further comments.

The potential sequel comes as a tribute to the legacy of “Happy Gilmore,” which not only showcased Sandler’s comedic talent but also featured memorable performances by Julie Bowen, Carl Weathers, and McDonald himself. With Weathers’ recent passing, a sequel would also serve as an homage to the late actor, remembered fondly by Sandler and fans alike. As “Happy Gilmore” continues to be celebrated, anticipation for its possible sequel grows among audiences worldwide.