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Volatility and RTP: How to Integrate Online Slot Machine Mechanics into Reel Spinning Strategy

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When playing online slot games, you have the option to spin at a low to high rate and select your game theme. Most players think those are the only choices they have, but that is not the case. Did you know that you have even more control over the outcome of the game? There are elements of an online slot that you can use to your advantage to give yourself the upper hand.

Most players have no idea about return to player percentage (RTP) or volatility. These two elements can be reviewed in every slot game you play to ensure you have a better chance of seeing a return. Of course, a win is not guaranteed, but why not up the ante when it comes to giving yourself better odds?

Return to Player Percentage

The return-to-player percentage, or RTP, is the first element you should consider. This percentage provides insight into the return you will see on your investment. Games typically range in RTP from 92% to 98%. You want to find games with a higher percentage, which lowers the house odds and puts the odds in your favor.

To check the RTP of an online slot game, open the title on your mobile or desktop. Then, locate the information section. This is generally a lowercase I symbol, standing for info.

Scroll through the available information to learn more about the game. You will find the RTP at the end of the info section. Some games may have a varying RTP based on a Megaways component or in free spins round.

Find games with an RTP of 97% or higher to give yourself better odds. This will ensure you can see a return on your investment during gameplay. The longer you spin, the return should even out as you play. Lower RTP games lower your odds and do not necessarily improve your chances of winning.


Another factor you can consider is a game’s volatility. This is something that many players are unsure of or unclear about. Volatility refers to how a slot will provide wins, including how frequent and large a prize will be.

Games can have low, medium, or high volatility. It’s best to consider games with low or high volatility as they vary the most. A game with a low volatility is one that will pay out prizes frequently but the amounts will be low. You might win ten times out of 30 spins, but the amount may be $0.50 or $3.

With a high-volatility game, you will win much higher amounts, but the wins will be far less frequent. You may land one win in 30 spins, but the amount is much larger, at $50. The amount you can win will be based on your wager as well as the icons you match on the reels.

Considering how you wish to earn wins as you play slots is best. Causal players tend to stick with lower-volatility games, as they will see a return faster and more frequently. If you have more money to spend and can afford losses, then the higher-volatility games may work for you.

Players can also consider trying both options to see what works best. You can review a game’s volatility in the info section or conduct a quick Google search. Once you have the information, you can decide whether to play or try another game.


If you review both the RTP and volatility of a game, you can decide if a slot is right for you. Both elements can help you to earn a win and are easily located within the info section of an online slots machine. If you cannot find the details, a Google search should suffice. Online slot game developers often list this information with game details so players can see their potential return on investment.

Use the details to your advantage to select online slot games with the most win potential. This will help you stretch your gaming budget and give you more ways to win. Try varying combinations of high RTPs and low to high volatility to see which option pays out best.

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