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Scholarship honors Rev. Thomas Mull on milestone birthday

Reverend Thomas Mull of Our Lady of Peace Parish celebrated his 75th birthday on St. Patrick’s Day with a special gift not for him, but for future generations. During an early birthday celebration at St. Stephen’s Church, it was announced that a scholarship has been created in Mull’s honor to cover annual tuition for a student at St. Francis-St. Stephen’s School starting next year. This initiative, spearheaded by parishioner Robert “Bob” Schick and supported by generous donors, aims to extend Mull’s impact on the Catholic educational community.

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The scholarship announcement was part of a school-wide event where students, dressed in shades of green, paid tribute to Mull’s milestone with gifts symbolizing the number 75. The celebration included songs, heartfelt presentations, and an expression of gratitude from Mull, who humbly acknowledged the honor. The event underscored Mull’s beloved status within the parish and the school, highlighting his gentle and persuasive influence on those around him.

As the community looks forward to the selection of the scholarship’s first recipient, Reverend Mull’s birthday celebration remains a testament to his lasting legacy. By providing educational opportunities to young students, the scholarship ensures that Mull’s values and teachings will continue to resonate within the school and beyond. This gesture reflects the deep appreciation and respect the community holds for Mull, marking his 75th birthday as a moment of joy and forward-looking generosity.