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When is Easter Sunday this year? (2024)

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As spring’s arrival beckons, Easter approaches with anticipation. Many of us are anticipating the gleeful smiles of youngsters as they uncover their Easter treasures. Some are preparing to welcome extended family for a holiday feast. it’s essential to mark your calendar and plan for Easter 2024.

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When is Easter this year?

This year Easter falls on Sunday, March 31, signifying the culmination of Lent’s 40 days and commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ—a cornerstone of the Christian faith.

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Why does Easter fall on different days each year?

Easter is celebrated annually on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox. Usually, this means Easter falls in early April. This spring the holiday will fall on the last day of March.

So, dust off your Easter baskets and stash away those chocolate bunnies; it’s time to prepare for a joyous celebration. Whether selecting the perfect Easter flowers or cooking an amazing Easter feast, be sure to make this holiday memorable.

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