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Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance unveils ‘Explore Finger Lakes’ campaign

The Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance, a cornerstone in promoting tourism since 1919, has launched a new branding initiative, “Explore Finger Lakes.” This campaign, developed in collaboration with Crafting A Brand Co., a Mendon-based design firm, aims to enhance the region’s appeal to travelers. Over seven months, the team worked to create a brand that encapsulates the essence of the Finger Lakes, known for its attractions, natural beauty, lodging, wine and craft beverage culture, and dining experiences.

The rebranding is set to reach nearly 2 million people worldwide annually through the alliance’s website,, and its extensive range of print publications. This effort supports over 540 businesses reliant on tourism and hospitality within the region. “Explore Finger Lakes” is positioned as a gateway for visitors to discover the myriad offerings of the Finger Lakes.

Visitors interested in the Finger Lakes experience can now access a new guide at the updated website, where “Explore Finger Lakes” serves as both an invitation and a portal to the region’s treasures. This move marks a significant milestone in the alliance’s long history of promoting tourism and is expected to attract more visitors to the scenic upstate New York area.