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Schumer advocates for new Israeli elections amid Gaza conflict

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, on Thursday, urged for a new direction in Israeli-Palestinian relations, proposing fresh elections in Israel and calling for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to step down. Schumer, a prominent Jewish American official, criticized both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Abbas for being significant obstacles to peace, emphasizing that the state of Israel and the Palestinian territories require leadership that can foster a two-state solution.

In his speech, Schumer accused Netanyahu of prioritizing political survival over Israel’s best interests and critiqued his coalition’s alignment with far-right elements, which, according to Schumer, has eroded global support for Israel. The Senate Majority Leader proposed that the U.S. should leverage its diplomatic and financial resources to encourage Israel to consider a future that includes a two-state resolution, suggesting that the current Israeli leadership is misaligned with these goals.

The call for new elections and leadership changes comes amidst a backdrop of intense conflict in Gaza, with Schumer highlighting the need for responsible governance on both sides to ensure peace and stability. The speech has stirred reactions across the political spectrum, with some applauding Schumer’s bold stance and others, including Israeli officials and Republican senators, criticizing it as an intrusion into Israel’s sovereignty and a mischaracterization of its defensive actions against Hamas.

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