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Hornell enhances Veterans Memorial Park with new facilities

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The City of Hornell has initiated improvement projects at Veterans Memorial Park, aiming to introduce new recreational facilities while updating existing ones. Despite the ongoing construction, the park will remain accessible to the public, though certain areas may be temporarily off-limits to ensure safety and accommodate the work. The city has yet to announce a completion date but assures that efforts will be made to minimize inconvenience and expedite the process.

Among the enhancements, three tennis courts will undergo refurbishment, with a fourth being transformed into two pickleball courts. Additionally, new basketball courts are set to replace the old ones, the pool house will see upgrades, and a splash pad will be installed in place of the baby pool. This spring, the Department of Public Works is also scheduled to install new playground equipment, further enriching the park’s offerings.

The project, funded by a grant from NYS Parks and Recreation and local investments, underscores Hornell’s commitment to enhancing community recreational spaces. Mayor John Buckley expressed enthusiasm for the improvements, anticipating the positive impact they will have on the park’s visitors. The city had previously accepted a $885,000 bid from C.P. Ward for the construction, indicating a significant investment in the park’s future.