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Local officials to state: Don’t close Auburn prison

Auburn Mayor Jimmy Giannettino is raising concerns over Governor Kathy Hochul’s proposed budget for 2024-2025, which hints at the potential closure of up to five correctional facilities across New York State, including the Auburn Correctional Facility.

The facility, integral to Auburn’s economy and community structure, is apparently at risk, stirring unrest among local officials and former employees. The mayor remains hopeful, citing recent state investments in the facility as a positive sign towards its continued operation.

The facility’s central location and the community built around it make the prospect of its closure particularly alarming. Upgrades currently underway at the prison have ignited hope that the state may keep the facility operational.

Officials are actively seeking support from state representatives and plans to lobby in Albany for the facility’s importance. With the Auburn prison nearly at capacity, excluding a currently under-construction cell block, the officials argues against the closure rationale based on low occupancy.