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Inmate stabs officers at Five Points prison in Seneca County

An inmate at Five Points Correctional Facility attacked three officers with a homemade shank, resulting in injuries. The incident occurred when the 26-year-old inmate, serving a 14- to 16-year sentence, refused to exit his cell despite multiple orders. A cell extraction team was deployed, but the inmate, armed with a shank fashioned from his electronic tablet, resisted and attacked the officers as they opened the cell door.

Two officers were stabbed during the altercation; one in the forearm, requiring stitches, and another in the chest, though his protective gear prevented injury. A third officer sustained hand and finger injuries, including a small puncture wound to his thigh. The first officer is currently out of work due to blood exposure, while the others received medical treatment, with one remaining on duty.

The facility’s staff managed to disarm the inmate and carry him out for a contraband search. Both the makeshift weapon and a second hidden shank were seized as evidence. The incident underscores the ongoing challenges and dangers faced by correctional staff in managing inmate behavior and ensuring facility safety.