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Cayuga County continues emergency order to manage migrant housing

Cayuga County has declared a Local Emergency Order in response to a national immigration crisis that has seen a surge of migrants and asylum seekers entering the United States. As a result of these individuals often lacking plans for shelter, healthcare, and other essential services, the county has implemented strict regulations to manage their housing within its jurisdiction.

The order, effective immediately, restricts any person or entity in Cayuga County from entering into contracts with municipalities outside the county to provide housing or accommodations for homeless individuals, including migrants and asylum seekers, without written permission from the Chair of the Cayuga County Legislature.

The emergency order, declared by the Chair of the Cayuga County Legislature, outlines specific requirements for outside municipalities seeking to house individuals in Cayuga County. These include providing the identity and immigration status of the individuals, evidence of their health status, including absence of communicable diseases and up-to-date vaccinations, and assurance that they are not subject to any criminal or terrorist warrants.

Violations of the order can result in appearance tickets, civil penalties of up to $2,000 per individual housed per day, and other legal actions. The order, initially set for five days, can be extended in five-day increments as long as the local state of emergency persists. The county’s action aims to address the potential strain on local resources and ensure the health, safety, and welfare of its citizens amidst the ongoing immigration situation.