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Avon uses ARPA funds to revitalize historic Opera Block

The Town of Avon is undertaking a significant restoration of the historic Avon Opera Block, utilizing funds from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). Administered by Livingston County, these funds were part of a federal initiative aimed at supporting projects that bolster economic resilience and community enhancement in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In January this year, Livingston County’s Board of Supervisors decided to distribute a portion of the ARPA funds equally among its 17 towns, earmarked for the development or improvement of outdoor recreational spaces or tourism-related projects.

Constructed in 1876, the Avon Opera Block at 17-27 Genesee Street has been a pivotal landmark in the town’s history. The three-story building’s top floor, once a hub for theatrical shows, lectures, political gatherings, dances, and school graduations, is now being revitalized to serve future community events and to boost local tourism.

Avon Town Supervisor David LeFeber highlighted the building’s inclusion in the State and National Registers of Historic Places, noting that the restoration project aims to restore the top floor’s stage and meeting space to their original condition for public and municipal events. The project is part of Avon’s broader initiative to attract visitors to the town’s historic sites along Routes 5 & 20. Additionally, the “County News” section of the County’s website showcases how other local towns, including West Sparta, Springwater, York, and Caledonia, have utilized their ARPA funding for green space initiatives.