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Patient scam alert for Arnot Health: What calls are real vs. scam?

Arnot Health has issued a warning to its patients regarding a spike in fraudulent calls falsely claiming association with its medical facilities. Scammers have been reportedly contacting Arnot Health patients, posing as representatives from Arnot Ogden Medical Center, St. Joseph’s Hospital, or Ira Davenport Hospital.

These deceptive calls often involve attempts to extract sensitive personal information from patients, including dates of birth, social security numbers, and Medicare, Medicaid, or other insurance details. While Arnot Health does occasionally request patient information over the phone for legitimate purposes such as pre-registering or scheduling surgeries and procedures, the healthcare provider urges patients to exercise caution with incoming calls claiming to be from its facilities.

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To safeguard against these scams, Arnot Health advises patients to verify the authenticity of such calls. If there is any doubt about the caller’s identity, patients are encouraged to disconnect the call and directly contact the main hospital number of the claimed facility.

In instances where patients are uncertain about which department is trying to reach them, operators are available to assist and transfer the call to the appropriate office or area. By adopting these precautionary measures, Arnot Health aims to help patients avoid becoming victims of these sophisticated scams and protect their personal information.