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Macedon police sergeant suspended amid former chief’s DWI case

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Sergeant Brigette Goodfriend of the Macedon Police Department has been suspended pending an internal investigation into the department’s arrest of former Chief, Fabian Rivera for DWI.

The town’s decision to suspend Sgt. Goodfriend comes after Chief Rivera was involved in a one-car crash on Monday, which led to his arrest for DWI.

Despite the suspension, Sgt. Goodfriend will continue to receive her salary during the investigation.

The incident that triggered the investigation unfolded when Macedon Police responded to a one-car crash and discovered Chief Rivera was involved. Upon realizing Rivera was showing signs of intoxication, the Macedon Police Department called in the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office for assistance. This move was part of the protocol due to the involvement of a high-ranking officer within their own department.

The aftermath of the crash and arrest was swift, with Rivera’s resignation being accepted by the town board on Tuesday night.

The investigation aims to evaluate the department’s procedures and actions during the arrest of Chief Rivera, focusing on whether proper protocols were followed.