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Sheriff Luce: Busy month with over 1,600 calls during October in Seneca County

Seneca County Sheriff Tim Luce and Undersheriff John Cleere released a monthly report detailing the Sheriff’s Office’s activities for October, indicating a high volume of law enforcement activity in the area. Key incidents in the report include responses to domestic violence calls, a larceny investigation, and multiple arrests related to criminal possession.

Notable incidents in October included a domestic violence call on October 1st, resulting in a trespassing arrest in Waterloo. On October 9, a larceny investigation in Waterloo led to an arrest for criminal possession of stolen property. A traffic stop on October 11 also in Waterloo ended with three individuals charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance. Additionally, on October 28, deputies responded to a domestic disturbance involving a death threat, with the suspect being charged with criminal contempt for violating a court order of protection.

In total, the Sheriff’s deputies and investigators responded to 1,616 calls in October, making 39 arrests.

The narcotics unit was particularly active, opening 10 new drug cases and making one arrest. Mental health also remained a significant concern, with deputies responding to 16 mental health calls. Two inmates at the county jail were charged with possessing prison contraband, identified as prescription medication.

The corrections division reported an average of 32 inmates in the jail, with 67 inmate transports.

The civil division handled 34 summons/complaints/services, 17 income executions, and assisted with five evictions. Additionally, a pharmaceutical collection event at Kinney Drugs in Ovid led to the collection of about 10 pounds of drugs for proper destruction by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. This comprehensive report reflects the diverse range of responsibilities and challenges faced by law enforcement in Seneca County.