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Canandaigua’s preliminary budget increases spending, maintains low tax hike

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City officials have released a preliminary budget for Canandaigua showing a 10.82% increase in general fund expenditures for the year 2024.

Despite the rise from $18.7 million to $20.7 million, the proposed tax rate for city residents is expected to increase by less than 1%, from $7.67 to $7.74 per $1,000 of assessed value.

This modest tax rate boost is attributed to anticipated growth in sales tax and room occupancy revenue, which accounts for over a third of the city’s general fund income.

Officials highlighted that the proposed budget aligns with state tax regulations, staying $19,219 below the permissible tax levy increase of 4.73%.

The projected rise in sales tax revenue, primarily due to the success of local hospitality businesses, is expected to bring in an additional $413,200, with room occupancy taxes forecasted to hit $450,000. This financial outlook promises a slight increase in the average city tax bill for a single-family home valued at $186,800.

Utility costs are also set to climb, with water rates proposed to increase by 15.1% and sewer rents by approximately 12.4%.

The comprehensive budget workshops scheduled by the City Council in the coming weeks will precede a final budget adoption vote slated for December 7, providing community members the opportunity to engage with and discuss the fiscal plans for their city.