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Wolcott’s Historic Palace Theater mural celebrates rededication

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The Palace Theater in Wolcott saw the rededication of its iconic mural this past weekend, one among more than 45 murals gracing Wayne County.

DiSanto Propane (Billboard)

The collaborative effort of the town and village of Wolcott, along with contributions from Wolcott Lions and Rotary clubs, the Wolcott Historical Society, and Mural Mania, led to the installation and refurbishment of this 16′ x 32′ mural. A vivid depiction of landmarks and a chronicle of Wolcott’s rich history can be observed in its expansive artwork.

The artists behind this masterpiece, Mark Williams, Breanne Dohn, and Bev Owen, took the audience through their artistic journey and the personal ties they developed during the creation process. Delving deep into the mural’s roots, Wolcott Historian Kara Chapin gave an engaging narrative of each panel’s historical significance. De Cracker, meanwhile, narrated the stories of the mural’s depicted individuals and animals, all of whom hold a profound link to either Wolcott or Mural Mania.

Rounding off the event, the Wayne County Bicentennial extended its heartfelt congratulations to all collaborators for revitalizing and preserving a treasured segment of Wolcott’s historical tapestry.