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Sen. O’Mara visits Nuponix’s innovative hemp production in Romulus

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State Senator Tom O’Mara visited Nuponix’s facility in Romulus, NY, delving into the company’s progressive endeavours in aquaponics as part of New York State’s Hemp Agricultural Research Pilot Program.

Nuponix stands out with its synthesis of aquaculture and hydroponics, fostering the simultaneous cultivation of hemp and raising of tilapia fish.

The facility boasts a production capacity of 1,000 pounds of hemp per month, with the fish aiding communities in need. Additionally, Nuponix partners with Cornell University and various regional colleges to facilitate educational experiences for students on-site, promoting learning in innovative agricultural practices.

Senator O’Mara has been a prominent advocate for the industrial hemp industry in New York, initiating legislation in 2014 to launch the state’s first industrial hemp pilot program, fostering the growth and research of industrial hemp in the region.

The visit allowed O’Mara to see firsthand the groundbreaking, community-oriented initiatives undertaken by Nuponix, exemplifying the vast potentials within the industrial hemp sector. Kevin Wright, a Principal of Nuponix, praised the company’s contributions to local communities and stressed aquaponics’ revolutionary role in sustainable and versatile agricultural practices.