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Tessy Plastics names Stafford Frearson new president

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Tessy Plastics, a prominent manufacturer with a global footprint, announced on Tuesday the appointment of Stafford Frearson as its new president. Frearson, who joined Tessy in 1997, previously held the position of vice president of engineering. As he steps into his new role, the company’s prior president and owner, Roland Beck, will take on the title of CEO.

Having built a solid foundation in the injection molding industry, Frearson, originally from Barnstable, England, began his journey with the industry while still a student. After completing his studies at North Devon Community College, he relocated to Syracuse and subsequently joined Tessy. Under his leadership in engineering, the company acquired subsidiaries like Tessy Automation and Tessy Tooling. Reflecting on his journey, Frearson remarked on the invaluable experiences he gained, noting, “Watching, listening, and learning alongside an amazing group of people has helped shape not only my career, but also me personally.”

With 13 locations spanning across central New York, Pennsylvania, and Shanghai, Tessy Plastics has grown exponentially since its inception in 1973. Over the years, the company, primarily focused on medical and consumer devices, has expanded its portfolio, including products ranging from disposable ear tips to COVID-19 tests. Roland Beck, who succeeded his father, Henry Beck, as president in 2002, expressed his confidence in Frearson’s leadership, envisioning a future of sustained growth for the company.