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Schumer, other lawmakers take aim at PRIME energy drink

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Sen. Charles Schumer is advocating for a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) investigation into PRIME, a popular energy drink among children. Founded by YouTube personalities Logan Paul and KSI, the brand has quickly become a coveted item among their young fanbase. Schumer emphasized his concern for the health risks the beverage may pose to its primary consumers, stating, “it’s a serious health concern for the kids it so feverishly targets.”

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PRIME, which has achieved considerable success since its launch last year, advertises its product as a zero-sugar and vegan energy drink. However, its high caffeine content, amounting to 200 milligrams per 12 ounces, has been compared to nearly two cans of Red Bull or about six cans of Coca-Cola. This raised red flags among health experts and led to its ban in some schools in the United Kingdom and Australia, where potential health risks, including heart problems, anxiety, and digestive issues, have been noted.

In defense, PRIME representatives point to clear labeling advising against consumption by children under 18 and offer a caffeine-free sports drink, PRIME Hydration. However, in his call to the FDA, Schumer argues that the online marketing of the two products shows little differentiation, misleading parents into purchasing a high-caffeine product for their children. Schumer’s request for an investigation targets the drink’s ingredients, caffeine content, and potentially deceptive advertising.