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Yates County declares emergency over migrant crisis

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Yates County is the latest in a string of New York counties to declare a state of emergency to forestall the arrival of immigrants currently residing in New York City.

Signed by Legislature Chairwoman Leslie Church on Monday, the declaration will stay effective for 30 days or until revoked.

Officials said the declaration was issued in anticipation of the unorganized dispatch of large numbers of immigrants and asylum seekers from New York City, which could put untenable pressures on the county’s services.

Yates County, with its limited population, economy, and resources, is incapable of receiving and assimilating a significant number of immigrants and asylum seekers. It was similar messaging to Seneca County’s, which pointed to the rural nature of the community and limited number of existing resources.

In the declaration, stipulations were laid out to prevent contracts for immigrant transportation to Yates County and to limit their housing in local accommodations unless approved by the county administrator. Any violation could result in a criminal charge or hefty fines.

Despite these precautions, county Administrator Nonie Flynn mentioned that there is currently no specific information about immigrants being sent to Yates County.