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Canandaigua 1892 opens doors to Finger Lakes

Canandaigua 1892, a unique boutique rental hotel, has opened its doors in the Finger Lakes region, marking a significant milestone for the area. The hotel, located on Main Street in a historically significant building, offers concierge-style short-term rentals, catering to tourists, event attendees, and corporate renters year-round. Owners David LeFebvre and Danielle Clement have rejuvenated the property, formerly the Village Square Building, with a focus on style and sustainability.

The new hotel houses a variety of accommodations, including a stylish studio, two one-bedroom, and two, two-bedroom suites. These units provide chef-driven kitchens, open communal spaces, and well-appointed furnishings.

Furniture in the living room of a one-bedroom suite

Co-owner Danielle Clement highlights that the hotel provides a unique blend of freedom for independent travelers and high-quality concierge services. The establishment also plans to offer a range of amenities and partnerships for bespoke Finger Lakes experiences.

Guests participate Monday May 11, 2023, in a ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating a new regional concept: a multi-unit, upscale, concierge-style “boutique rental hotel” on Main Street in Canandaigua.

In addition to its prime location near Rochester and the vibrant Finger Lakes region, Canandaigua 1892 emphasizes sustainability, featuring tankless hot water heaters, energy-efficient appliances, and energy-star qualified windows among other green initiatives. Upscale features such as Anthropologie and Pottery Barn furnishings and local Mennonite built cabinetry enhance the luxurious feel of the property. The development of the hotel also significantly contributed to the local economy, involving various local businesses in construction, design, and supply.