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Major fire at Ithaca homeless camp under investigation

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The Ithaca Fire Department successfully extinguished a significant fire at the city’s homeless encampment, known as ‘The Jungle,’ on Wednesday evening. The fire, located behind Agway on Fulton St., necessitated the use of over 1,100 feet of hose—equivalent to more than three football fields in length—to be put out.

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Assistant Chief James Wheal reported in a press release that the Ithaca Fire Department responded to the fire shortly before 10 p.m. after receiving multiple calls about a structure fire. As fire engines made their way to the scene, Tompkins 911 informed the firefighters of the situation.

Upon arrival, the first two engines determined that the best access to the fire was from Fulton St., given the lack of direct access to the location. A third engine arrived to provide assistance, and the crews deployed the extensive hose line to douse the flames.

The fire destroyed the makeshift structure, but firefighters confirmed that nobody was inside at the time, and no injuries were reported. Ithaca Police also attended the scene to provide support.