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Debunking The 8 Most Common Casino Myths

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Gambling has been around for countless generations. Due to its extensive history, it has accumulated several myths over time.

Before we begin debunking the myths, it is crucial to remember that you must only wager on reputed betting platforms. While it can be challenging to find an ideal website, you can learn more on’s website, which features the best online casinos of 2023 in the USA, along with their necessary details, which will assist you in choosing the best platform for you.  

On that note, let’s explore eight fascinating casino myths and decode the truth behind them:

1. Rigged casino games

Most believable myths are based on a fragment of truth, and this story is one example. Casino games are not inherently rigged, but they are devised to generate more than they pay out. This is not to say that casinos may make a win or a loss happen at their leisure: that would be cheating! 

2. A winning hand is purely a matter of fate.

Casino games are classified into two types: soft and hard. Easy casino games rely entirely on luck, but hard ones require a specific skill set to win. 

3. Card counting will get you in prison.

Contrary to popular belief, you will not break the law by counting cards at a casino table. However, because counting cards offers you an undue advantage in the game, casinos may block you. 

4. You will win if you continue playing.

When you sit at a table or spin a slot machine and fail, those surrounding you may encourage you to play one more round. One round leads to another, and so on, in the vain expectation that you will eventually win. However, there is no assurance that you will ultimately succeed if you continue to play. 

5. Roulette dealers can rig the wheel to avoid large payouts.

The gaming community believes casino employees are involved in some secret scheme that helps gamblers win or lose a game. Some believe that a good roulette dealer can halt the wheel on the casino’s command. However, this is a fallacy because the slot machines and the casino are only authorized to operate these games with random number generation in place.

6. Online gambling is forbidden.

Online casinos are not illegal, and practically all established casino brands provide their patrons with an online gambling platform. 

7. Casinos release pure oxygen.

Have you ever heard the old urban legend that casinos infuse pure oxygen into the atmosphere to keep gamblers attentive and spending longer? If so, you’re not alone. Who knows where this myth originated, but it’s irrelevant because it’s untrue.

8. You can’t hit the jackpot again if you’ve recently won.

Once again, another version of a myth based on the perplexing Gambler’s Fallacy. The fact that this casino myth is entirely false should be music to your ears in this circumstance! It simply implies that winning the jackpot does not immediately improve your odds of winning again. 

Final thoughts

Overall, remember that casino games are unpredictable, making them thrilling! No, you are not being pumped with oxygen to keep you gambling. Your losses are also not the result of a shady vendor or a manipulated machine!

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