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UPDATE: Clyde home destroyed by fire, but wind made it challenging work

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First responders have released new information following a devastating fire in the village of Clyde this week.

On April 11 around 9:10 p.m., the Clyde Fire Department was dispatched to a structure fire in the village. Responders arriving at the scene found a two-story wood-frame residential building well-involved, with flames visible through the windows. Law enforcement on the scene confirmed that the fire was active and spreading.

Fire department officials, including Car 2-1, 2-2, 2-4, 2-5, E49, E44, Q3, R2, and R16, responded to the emergency. The incident commander, Car 2-1, requested a retone for a two-alarm all-hands response and called for additional resources from Seneca Falls, Lyons, and Rose. NYSEG was also requested to cut off gas and electricity to the affected home.

The construction of the home and windy weather conditions made extinguishing the fire especially challenging. Crews worked tirelessly for about four hours to bring the fire under control and carry out an extensive overhaul.

Once the majority of the fire was subdued, all units were cleared by Car 2-1, except for Q3, which remained on the scene to provide lighting for the investigation team. Other units on the scene included Seneca Falls E-1, Savannah AT-4, E-31, E-51, Lyons E-7 (RIT Team), Rose E-55, Eastern Wayne EMS, Wayne County Cascade 1, Wayne County Cause of Origin Team, New York State Police, Red Cross, and NYSEG.

To ensure continued coverage for the Clyde Fire Department during the incident, Waterloo provided coverage for Tyre, while Fayette covered the Seneca Falls district. The firefighting crews were commended for their efforts in combating the challenging blaze, and gratitude was extended to all those involved.

Here’s video from the scene posted by the Cayuga-Seneca Fire Wire:

More photos from the scene posted by CSFW: