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Strong Memorial Hospital getting $50M grant to expand emergency department

New York State is awarding Strong Memorial Hospital a $50 million grant to aid in its emergency department’s expansion and modernization.

The hospital has already started demolition and is set to triple the emergency department’s size by late 2026 or early 2027.

This expansion aims to alleviate overcrowding, reduce wait times for admission, and enhance patient care by providing private rooms for both pediatric and adult patients. In addition, a nine-story tower will be constructed, featuring 112 new private rooms for extended stays and separate adult and child emergency psychiatry services.

Kathy Parinello, the COO of Strong Memorial Hospital, expressed gratitude for the grant, saying that the hospital’s emergency department is overcrowded daily, and the modernization is important for the physicians, nurses, and other healthcare workers. She also acknowledged that the grant was not entirely unexpected since the Governor had allocated $200 million from the budget for projects at urban, safety-net hospitals, and Strong Memorial Hospital was granted $50 million from that pot.

The project’s total cost is expected to be around $650 million, with the hospital planning to fundraise to offset the remaining costs, use its assets and borrow. Last week, federal representatives announced securing $1 million towards the project. The pandemic has led to an increase in emergency response requirements in New York State, and Strong Memorial Hospital is confident that the state has them in mind as they consider the grant.