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Supervisors approve legislative priorities at Livingston County BOS meeting

The Livingston County Board of Supervisors has approved the county’s legislative priorities and will share them with the state of New York. The county’s legislative agenda, which was developed by the board, the county administrator, and county department heads, is guided by several key principles, including advancing the legislative priorities of the New York State Association of Counties, fostering local decision-making and control, reducing costs, and increasing revenue for previously imposed mandates.

County Administrator Coyle stated, “There is still concern among counties that the governor and state legislature often fail to incorporate the impact of county costs and support for state-mandated services when they pass legislation or make funding allocation decisions. Therefore, it is incumbent upon this board to take the necessary steps and efforts to educate and advocate through this official state Legislative Agenda.”

The county has identified 12 key priorities in its 2023 agenda, including policies that support rural broadband initiatives, criminal justice reform, housing initiatives, county land banks, and child care projects. The 2023 agenda also lays forth the county’s support of legislation favoring support of public nursing homes, financial support for critical infrastructure, and advancements in agricultural protection programs.

To learn more about the county’s priorities and other initiatives that make up its legislative agenda, visit the official Livingston County website.