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Livingston County Water and Sewer Authority receives $450,000 grant for vacuum truck

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On January 11th the Livingston County Water and Sewer Authority received notification that through the NYS Local Government Efficiency Grant Program, the Authority has been awarded $450,000 for the purchase of vacuum truck.

The Local Government Efficiency Program provides technical assistance and grants for intermunicipal projects targeting shared opportunities, cost savings, and delivery of efficient, quality services. The LCWSA grant application was supported by nine participating municipalities in Livingston County.

A vacuum truck is an essential piece of heavy equipment needed to perform maintenance on sewer collection systems and wastewater plants due to the vehicles ability vacuum deep trenches or wells as well as store water and material for transport. Also, the vehicle can be used to assist with water and sewer excavation (hydro/vacuum excavation), particularly around underground utilities. This type of excavation is not only more efficient and effective, as it can minimize untended damage to other underground utilities, it is also safer for staff as operators can excavate from outside a trench.

Mark McKeown, Chair of the LCWSA Board, stated, “We are extremely grateful to receive this funding and recognize the value and importance this piece of equipment will serve in the Authority’s operation as well as a needed resource for other municipalities in Livingston County when needed.”

Dave Fanaro, Town of Leicester Supervisor, added, “As a Town Supervisor and member of the County Board of Supervisors, I’m extremely pleased that LCWSA will have this piece equipment available in Livingston County. This is a great example of intermunicipal collaboration and how LCWSA is modernizing local government operations for the 21st century.”

The LCWSA is a public benefit corporation established in 1995 by an act of the New York State Legislature. LCWSA currently serves over 7,000 water and sewer customers (estimated population of 10,000) in 11 municipalities within Livingston County. The LCWSA currently operates and maintains 45 pumps stations, 11 water tanks, two wastewater treatment plants, approximately 50 miles of sanitary sewer pipe and approximately 120 miles of water pipe.