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New study shows which states are obsessed with fast food

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  • Samantha Parish 

A new study recently looked at the states within the U.S. and which had the most residents obsessed with fast food.

Nebraska was revealed as the state the most obsessed, followed by Indiana. Third and fourth place go to Tennessee and Ohio, respectively.

The research, carried out by PriceListo examined Google Trends data to analyze the past 12 months of Google searches across America for search terms frequently associated with fast food. These terms were then combined to give each state a total score to discover the states with the most fast food-obsessed residents.

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The study revealed that Nebraska ranks as the most fast food-obsessed state in America. With a total score of 507 out of a possible 600, Nebraska topped the list due to its population having the highest search levels for two of the six keywords used in the study. For example, the keywords ‘fast food’ and ‘fast food restaurant’ are searched the most in Nebraska.

Indiana ranks as the second most fast food-obsessed state in the country. Indiana has the highest proportion of its population searching for the term ‘Burger King’ and the third-highest searches for ‘McDonalds’, contributing to the state’s total score of 499 out of 600.

Tennessee ranks as the third most fast food-obsessed state in the country, with a total score of 483. The study revealed that Tennessee has the fifth-highest level of searches for ‘KFC’ and the seventh-highest level for the term ‘fast food’ in the country.

The study found that Ohio ranks as the fourth most fast food-obsessed state. Ohio has the highest level of searches for the company ‘McDonalds’ and the eighth-highest level of searches for the company ‘Burger King’, giving the state a total score of 481 out of a possible 600.

The study placed Alabama next in the ranking, as the fifth most fast food-obsessed state, with a total score of 478. Alabama had the seventh-highest search levels for ‘Burger King’ as well as ranked fifth-highest for searches for the term ‘fast food near me’.

Kentucky, the home of KFC, ranked sixth overall with a score of 477 out of 600 – just slightly lower than Alabama. Unsurprisingly, Kentucky searched for ‘KFC’ more than any other state, but also searched for ‘McDonalds’ at the second-highest rate of any state.

The top ten is rounded out by Missouri ranking in seventh place, South Dakota in eighth, followed by Arkansas and Oklahoma in ninth and tenth place, respectively.

“Not only does fast food taste great, it is also massively convenient and affordable, making it the go-to option for many when they’re stuck for what to eat. This study provides a fascinating insight into which states tend to opt for a fast food treat the most and which chains are the most preferable,” a spokesperson for PriceListo said.

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