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Remote work is still attractive for Finger Lakes employees

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The way people work changed in 2020 when the pandemic hit. Remote work was introduced and now Finger Lakes residents are still finding it attractive.

While many companies choose to support the remote work option, others are ending it. Elon Musk, the new CEO of Twitter, removed the option for employees to work from home. Employees with Twitter must now be in their office for 40 hours per week.

Many employers have returned to the way things were before the pandemic, but employees who enjoyed working from home are trying to continue to do so.

The Executive Director of RochesterWorks spoke with Rochester First to explain the employee situation for many companies. While there has been a shift for people returning to the office, many people still find working from home more appealing. Seely said about half of people are working from home in some way. Those currently looking for jobs have asked about remote work. Places looking to hire are encouraged to post if remote work is an option.

Depending on the company, working from home may not be an option. In factories or manufacturing companies, someone must be present to complete the work. Industries like banking, sales, or telemedicine are all benefitting because their business models support working from home to provide services. Another perk is eliminating the commute to work. A commute could be as much as two hours per day.

Not everyone enjoys it though- some people feel their work has less purpose or they feel detached from their coworkers.

When it comes to employers seeking out what works best for them, Lindsay Mccutchen, CEO with CareerStart in Rochester made one point. She said employers should know that great companies are built on great people. This means choosing a remote option may open the doors to employees that could be some of the best workers. By not offering the option, employers could be missing out.

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