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Investor’s ABC: U.S. Business Immigration

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Immigration with various business purposes to the United States has many nuances. Many effective ways exist to get a US business visa for citizens from all over the world:

  • Transfer to work in the international branch of the company.
  • Participation in special business programs.
  • Investing in the US economy.

Business visa

Let’s take a closer look at the main types of visas. They are as follows:

Visa L-1

This is the simplest business visa in the USA. It is issued to employees of various companies, corporations, and firms that get the opportunity to go to work in an international department. This sort of business permit is called L-1 and comes in two types – L-1A and L-1B. In particular, the first type is issued for executive directors. The second one is for narrower experts.

The L-1A is open for a long period. It allows you to transfer employees from one company to another, whose branches are located in the US. This can be an existing department or the formation of an innovative company. The L-1A business permit is valid for three years. At this period, you can officially become a US resident. This permit lets you take family members.

The L-1B is open to professionals in a specific business area. Typically, managers bring employees and their families with them to the United States to draw on the support of already experienced employees. The key characteristic of L-1B as an immigration permit with business purposes is that applicants can only work in the business of a particular company.

Business programs

  • EB-1 visa – for partaking in scientific, educational, sports, and other projects in the US department of the company.
  • EB-2 visa – for people with outstanding abilities in science, business, and culture. For example, doctors who want to establish their practice in the US are eligible to work under this program.
  • EB-3 – for highly qualified professionals who have extensive knowledge and achievements in the field of their work.

Investing in the economy

EB-5 – for the significant sponsors who want to open a new enterprise in the US, modernize a selected enterprise and create new jobs for US residents. 

Therefore, the US government will require you to invest at least $500,000. Despite this, partaking in the EB-5 program is the most realistic and widespread alternative for receiving a US business permit. The government of the country actively supports it. This is due to the necessity to constantly attract new foreign investors, strengthen the country`s economy, finance certain regions, develop small businesses, and fight unemployment.

The key benefit of this sort of business permit is that it does not have strict obligations for the entrepreneur`s age and education level. Other benefits include the opportunity to obtain a residence permit for both a businessman and family members. The EB-5 business program also allows the selection of any state for residence, even though money is invested in another state.

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