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Home » News » Dump site cleaned by Town of Palmyra after owner ignores notices

Dump site cleaned by Town of Palmyra after owner ignores notices

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A resident on Lyons Road has ignored citations, town code enforcement visits, and court orders for over a year before the Town of Palmyra finally decided to take action.

The owner, Dave Morrison, is known for ignoring these notices to continue his scrap metal business like he has for many years.

Morrison used to run his business in the Town of Macedon for decades, then continued that business at his current location for more than ten years.

The current address that was cleared out was purchased by Morrison from former Town of Palmyra Supervisor, Dave Lyon. There, he has collected scrap metal, tractors, scrap vehicles, machines, and tons of garbage and fallen trees. The property is 3.4 acres big with two houses and a main building located on it.

Action was taken after a criminal court, resulting in the removal of all garbage and scrap on the property. Palmyra Town Supervisor Ken Miller told the Times of Wayne County that any action the town takes is driven by complaints.

Morrison owes more than $40,000 in fines to the town. The cost of the cleanup will likely fall on the taxpayers of Palmyra. Numerous letters were sent ahead of time. However, he failed to take action before crews showed up with police to oversee the cleanup.

He moved trucks, vehicles, and other materials to a property on Bird Road in Manchester ahead of the cleanup. This is where he continues to operate his business.

He claims actions taken by the town against him are illegal. He said he plans to take it to the federal level.