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Home » News » Officer suffers serious face, eye injuries after inmate attack at Five Points: Others injured in separate incidents

Officer suffers serious face, eye injuries after inmate attack at Five Points: Others injured in separate incidents

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Four officers were hurt in two separate incidents at Five Points Correctional Facility last week.

One of them had to be treated at an area hospital after suffering injuries to the face and eyes.

On October 26th an inmate who was assigned to work in the kitchen told an officer he wanted to return to his cell. The officer informed the inmate that he would need to wait.

That agitated him, NYSCOPBA said, who indicated that the inmate took an aggressive stance toward two officers.

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He grabbed a five-gallon bucket that contained hot water from a steamer and threw it at the two officers, striking one officer in the lower leg. OC spray was administered several times but it had no effect. The two officers called for assistance as the inmate attempted to fill the bucket with hot water a second time. When additional staff arrived, officers grabbed the inmate in an upper body hold and forced him to the floor.

At that point he was still combative, officers used handcuffs to bring the inmate under control.

The inmate is 66-years-old and was convicted earlier this year of second-degree attempted murder in New York County. He’s serving 16 years to life.

Two officers were injured in the attack. The officer who was struck with hot water sustained pain, swelling and burns to his lower leg.

The next day an officer observed an inmate outside his cell passing items from cell-to-cell. He ordered the inmate to return and lock in. That’s when the inmate ignored the order and took an aggressive stance with the officer.

OC spray had no effect on the inmate. The inmate then attacked the officer and punched him multiple times in the face and head. As the assault continued, two officers arrived at the cell block and grabbed the inmate in a body hold and forced him to the ground. The inmate remained combative on the floor and ripped one of the officer’s shirts partially off. Handcuffs were eventually applied after the inmate was brought under control.

The inmate, 47, was brought to his feet and escorted to a holding cell. He is serving a 16-year to life sentence after being convicted in Kings County in 2005 for first-degree attempted criminal sex act.

After the attack, the inmate was transferred to Marcy Correctional Facility.

The officer initially attacked sustained pain and swelling to his eye and orbital bone, blurry vision and pain and swelling to his head. He was transferred to Cayuga Medical Center for treatment. He did not return to duty. A second officer was injured subduing the inmate. He sustained pain and swelling to his hand and elbow and was treated at the facility by medical staff. He remained on duty.