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Chicken wing prices are coming down, but not at restaurants

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How concerned should people be about the price of chicken wings?

News10NBC received their fair share of questions on that very topic. The issue at the center of the chicken wing issue has to do with the rate at which prices have declined at restaurants. Or rather, the lack of decline at restaurants.

Data from the USDA shows that chicken wing prices have actually dropped to pre-pandemic levels.

But what News10NBC found is that even though the raw price of chicken wings has fallen to 2018 levels, the price of wings has not dropped back to that level.

In fact, it’s way off.

They checked several restaurants around Monroe County using an order of 50 chicken wings as a guide. Prices were consistently $20 to $30 more than they were in 2018.

However, there were a few restaurants, like Windjammers on Lake Avenue, who’s price is only $1.25 higher than before the pandemic. Owners told News10NBC that it’s possible that some are still having supply issues. But none of those issues should result in mark-ups that significant.

The bottom line: Don’t expect prices to move much from where they are now, or where they were during the pandemic. Especially since restaurants are dealing with higher costs in other areas.