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Not all Ithaca residents support reimagine public safety plan: Especially as crime ticks upward

Not all Ithaca residents are pleased with the Reimagining Public Safety Plan that has been unveiled and touted by local officials to date.

The county says the goal of the plan is simple: Increase transparency in the local criminal justice system.

So far, it’s been mixed reviews, and at a recent meeting – the public weighed in on it.

Some residents in Ithaca say they simply don’t feel safe.

“Since living here I have experienced a family member that was burglarized and sexually assaulted by a member of the encampment. I’ve had a member of the encampment enter my home uninvited,” Michael Fenner said at the meeting.

Opponents of the plan say as crime remains on the rise, the proposed plan isn’t a solution.

While input from the community was heard, little action was taken during the session. Officials said they agreed with parts of opponents feedback, but didn’t address it directly.

The reform process will continue over the coming weeks and months.