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SUNDAY CONVERSATION: How can small cities like Auburn, Canandaigua, or Geneva find long-term growth through planning? (podcast)

Bill Fulton’s new book “Place and Prosperity: How cities help us to connect and innovate” is a collection of essays and columns the planner-turned-mayor-turned-author wrote over several years.

The Auburn native lives in Houston, Texas now, but came to age in a downtown that many would like to see reclaimed all these years later in Cayuga County. But the roadmap to success, Fulton says, is similar for all small cities, whether they be Auburn, Geneva, or Canandaigua. Even larger cities, as they work to thrive in the future will have to wrestle with the same set of questions.

How does one achieve place? How do you incorporate history? What role does new development play alongside historic preservation?

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This week on our relaunched Sunday Conversation, Fulton discusses it all. Check it out on Spotify below, or where ever you get podcasts.