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Inspector General publishes investigative report and makes public historical records

The Offices of the New York State Inspector General earlier today published a newly issued investigative report as well as 21 previously non-public letters arising from investigations undertaken by her office.   These letters, which are sent to public officials and agencies regarding allegations of misconduct or wrongdoing, provide information on the ultimate investigative findings by the Inspector General.  Today’s published documents constitute the remainder of such investigative letters issued in 2013, and continues the Inspector General’s commitment to provide all such historical letters on a year-by-year basis.

“Today’s new report and previously unpublished historical letters bear out this office’s commitment to thorough investigations and transparent disclosure to the public of their conclusions” said Inspector General Lucy Lang. “My thanks to our staff, and all the agency and law enforcement partners who share that commitment.”

New York State Inspector General Report: Investigation of the New York State Police’s Handling of a Protective Services Unit Incident

11.04.13 – OMH Letter re: Outside Social Work Employment

11.04.13 – DOS Letter re: Handling of Protected Information

11.04.13 – NYPA Letter re: Misuse of Fuel Card

10.07.13 – OMIG Letter re: Misuse of State Resources for Tax Preparation Business

10.01.13 – DCJS Letter re: BERC Grant

09.17.13 – DMV Letter re: Employee DWI with Firearm

08.27.13 – DOL Letter re: Forgery of Official Document

08.02.13 – NYPA Letter re: Employee Misuse of Agency Generator

08.02.13 – OMIG Letter re: Misuse of State Resources for Property Mgmt. Business

07.29.13 – OPWDD Letter re: Vendor Monitoring

07.25.13 – OMIG Letter re: Disclosure of Confidential Information

07.23.13 – DOCCS Letter re: Lakeview Outside Employment

07.15.13 – DMV Letter re: Theft of Documents from Guilderland Warehouse

06.27.13 – DOB Letter re: Copyright Infringement by Agency Employee

06.19.13 – DOB Letter re: Inappropriate Images on Employee Computer

06.17.13 – OMIG Letter re: Handling of HIPAA Information

06.11.13 – OMH Letter re: Employee Theft of Food Stamp Benefits

05.20.13 – DHSES Letter re: Allegations Against Fire Safety Instructor

04.22.13 – OPWDD Letter re: Misuse of Procurement Card

03.15.13 – DMV Letter re: Misuse of State Resources for Travel Agency Business

03.15.13 – TA Letter re: Misuse of State Resources for Travel Agency Business

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