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Auburn school board approves public complaint policy for parents in district

The Auburn Enlarged City School District Board of Education approved a policy change regarding public complaints.

The change amends language to specify that it applies to district employees, and not board members.

According to The Citizen, the change clarifies the policy that went through committee in July. The timeline for complaints and the complaint process have also been removed in the amended version of the policy.

Before the policy it was not specified whether it would apply to board members.

Auburn School Board President Ian Phillips told The Citizen that the change came down to aligning with what the district’s attorneys said would be the correct move based on Erie 1 BOCES’ policy.

“The intention of the original policy was to offer an outlet for parents that had a specific concern, say something that happened in a classroom, that wasn’t addressed despite their best efforts,” he said. “The updates to the policy clarify that intention and align us with current policy language used in other districts.”

As for whether the policy would protect board members from possible complaint or scrutiny, Phillips told The Citizen that residents have an outlet in voting.