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EXCLUSIVE: The Wayne County Fair is back with new and traditional events

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  • Megan Hatch 

The Wayne County Fair kicked off Monday. Community members from across the county came together to celebrate the week-long tradition.

This year marks the 165th anniversary of the Wayne County Fair, which began in 1856.

New exhibits and old traditions to see at the Wayne County Fair this week (video)

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Bouncing back after Covid

Pamela Ferranti is the president of the Wayne County Fair Board of Directors. She explained that the fair has continued with tradition all these years.

“A group of people got together to bring in an establishment here, mostly it was your farmers, and this was an opportunity to bring the fair itself to bring people together and bring their various different livestock. This was a gathering for the community. As years have gone on, we’ve continued to keep that agricultural focus.”

Wayne County hasn’t seen a full fair in over two years, and people are most excited to see the demolition derbies along with pie contests and more.

“The people love demolition derbies. We are the only fair that I’m aware of that does three demolition derbies and a figure eight competition in our grandstand four of the six days. Others come because of the fair food and the variety or will say it’s the animals. You don’t get an opportunity to see up close the various different livestock horses, cows, chickens, etc,” said Ferranti.

What can people expect to see this year?

There are lots of events and contests that are being held this year at the fair, including the old-fashioned pie contest that starts Tuesday evening, and a new glassblowing exhibit.

“We have a glassblower that’s coming in, and he’s going to be making objects. Those objects are going to actually be sold on something that’s new this year called the Small Business Saturday auction,” explained Ferranti. “Small businesses throughout the county have donated gift certificates, gift baskets, etc. and they’ll all be auctioned off to help raise funds for the organization.”

The Wayne County Pageant Court teens Kaylie Murray of Palmyra, Isabella Blood of Ontario, Lillian Freeman of Walworth, and the 2022 Wayne County Fair Queen and Princess, Audrey Erwin of Williamson and Tori Ferguson of Macedon, were all happy to represent their towns at fair.

“I think it means a lot to all of us that were honored and were chosen to be part of this. Seeing all the people that have enjoyed it for lots of years just makes it really special that I get to be an ambassador for the fair,” said Pageant Queen, Audrey Erwin.

“I think it’s imperative and it’s important that the community come. This is the farmer’s opportunity to show you where your food comes from and I think it’s also important to keep the tradition going for another 165 years. Take the time out. Come have some great fair food, listen to some awesome music, and see some awesome hard work that’s been done by our farmers and local exhibitors,” said Ferranti.

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